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TEK4 Robot Box

Adding automation to a TEK4 FHD EDM machine can enable greater efficiency to be achieved in the manufacturing process.


TEK4 offers a number of automation packages that enable machines to be run for up to 48 hours without operator interaction.

TEK4’s automation systems enable you to get the most out of your TEK4 machine.

These are so of TEK4 latest videos, featuring all of our latest machine and technology. You will find videos on our SA FHD HSD EDM drilling machine which is the most compact sized machine we currently do, it can be featured with a 100w high-frequency fibre laser to remove non-conductive coatings on components. 


Our Fast hole drill, high speed drill EDM XLL machine is one of our largest machine, which has been developed for drilling large gas turbine components using our latest HSD FHD EDM technology and laser ablation to remove the thermal barrier coating.


6g FHD EDM Aero + Laser Ablation

The TEK4 6g Aero Fast Hole Drill machine is our latest generation machine with optional Drill After Coating (DAC) technology. Our most compact sized machine can be featured with a 100w high-frequency fibre laser to remove non-conductive coatings on components.


This technology is confined within the FHD EDM machine, allowing for a single operation solution to drill after coating.

6g XLL FHD EDM Machine + Laser Ablation

The TEK4 6g FHD XLL machine is the latest generation of our largest machine.


It encompasses world leading performance and capability, specifically developed for drilling large gas turbine components using fast hole EDM technology and ablating thermal coatings using an integrated laser system.

6g FHD Aero

The TEK4 6g EDM Aero drilling machine is specifically designed to drill aero parts.


The machine’s compact footprint along with the ability to place machines ‘paint to paint’ utilises space effectively. A side access door has been added to allow access for maintenance and so that it can be easily integrated into a robot cell.

eSTEM System

The TEK4 eSTEM machine is the latest generation of our STEM machine.


 It encompasses world leading performance and capability specifically developed for drilling very long holes in IGT blades, vanes, segments, and other components.

Laser Systems

TEK4s 5th generation of Laser systems provides exceptional performance, rugged stability, and excellent user-friendly control.


Each laser system features a single beam delivery mirror for ease and stability of the beam alignment. All systems are fitted with a measuring touch probe for machine calibration and component location and compensation.

3 Steps to Accuracy

Accuracy and repeatability are critical elements when machining turbine components.


To achieve these can be difficult and has often resulted in complicated set up of the machine or complicated tooling, in addition referencing the part relative to the machine can be a challenge.


TEK4s 3 Steps to Accuracy procedure guarantees accuracy and repeatability in 3 simple steps.

5g ST Multi-Hole Drill

TEK4's 5g multi-hole drilling EDM machine, is designed for producing multiple cooling holes in turbine blades and vanes. This system has the capability to produce straight, shaped and slotted holes.



Advanced Shaped Hole

TEK4s Shaped Hole Technology combines accuracy and flexibility with process speed.

TEK4s latest shaped hole drilling uses AFC (Advanced Feedrate Control) which brings 30% improvement in shaped hole drilling times.

Tooling System

TEK4s tooling system includes tool specific flushing and is simple in design, resulting in a reliable, cost-effective and highly accurate system.


The tool guides are held in place using a pneumatic chuck and have in-built flushing to the machining area.


TEK4s tooling solutions offer many benefits.