This technology is confined within the FHD EDM machine, allowing for a single operation solution to drill after coating.


The 6g FHD EDM machine uses it’s inbuild CMM probe along with TEK4’s 3 steps to accuracy technology to accurately line-up the machine resulting in very accurate and repeatable drilled parts.


TEK4 also manufactures multi hole EDM machines that are capable of producing straight, shaped and slotted holes in a compact system.



TEK4’s 6g Laser systems are able to drill, cut and weld in one set-up giving class leading performance with a simple beam alignment. All machines are fitted with a measuring touch probe for machine calibration.

TEK4’s new generation of STEM machines overcome the negative aspects of the process. Integrated in-machine acid system to eliminate the problems of acid leaks, ensuring that any future leaks are in the machine structure. The system has advanced filtration, programmable temperature and pressure control plus fully flexible turbulated hole capability for increased cooling efficiency.

Integrated in-machine acid system to eliminate the problems of acid leaks, ensuring that any future leaks are in the machine structure.

TEK4 has over 200 installed machines around the world in operation. TEK4 continues to develop its state-of-the-art technology faster than all of its competitors with Future Technology patents being applied for.


TEK4 is opening its brand-new purpose built technical center in Spring 2019. The new facility will be 5 times larger than our existing site giving us the capacity to deliver up to 10 machines per month, excellent customer accessibility by car, train or plane and with areas specificity designed for the R&D department and for running trials and demonstrations.

Brochure 2020

TEK4s latest brochure features all of our latest 6th generation machines, laser ablation (DAC), automation cells, improved key features plus world-leading technology.


For more information on our machines, technology or any of our services, please visit our contact us page or you can call us on +44 (0) 116 277 5281 if you prefer.

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