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TEK4 LASER Drilling Key Features

3 Steps to Accuracy

Accuracy and repeatability are critical elements when machining turbine components. TEK4s 3 Steps to Accuracy procedure guarantees accuracy and repeatability in 3 simple steps. Set the machine, set the beam and finally, set the part.

1 - Set The Machine

Using the CMM probe integrated within the machine, all axis are checked for positioning accuracy, the datums are set and the part pallet chuck geometry is checked.

Time taken: 3 minutes.

Set the machine

2 - Set The Beam

The fully automated Beam Set cycle enables the position and focus point of the Laser beam to be located and “locked in” to the control system.


This is often a long and skilled process on “other” systems.

Set the Beam

3 - Set The Part

Using the inbuilt CMM probe, the part is measured at its reference points and is then “nested” by the software using a 3-2-1 (Plane, Line, Point) approach.


It is then rechecked by the probe with the 3D compensations applied.

Set the Part
3 Steps to Accuracy Laser

4 Essential Core Technologies

Advanced optics

Each TEK4 5g Laser system comes supplied with a crash protection system that allows 3D deflection in a crash and breaks the axis movement. Cassette draws allow fast and precise changing of the lens and cover slide optics.

5g laser system

Process flexibility 

TEK4s advanced YAG Laser head has a huge process range offering flexibility between very high peak power pulses for drilling through thick sections, to high-frequency low energy pulses ideal for rapid trimming of thin material.

5g laser System

Powerful control system

The 5g Laser control panel offers high-performance 5-axis control combined with a simple user interface. Operator training is rapid and intuitive. Switching between Laser process parameters is very simple as established process parameters are saved as process tools that can simply be called up with the CNC program.

Laser control system

Amazing access and ease of use

TEK4s Laser systems are carefully designed to allow easy access for component loading and new application development. All machines have innovative enclosure designs that maximize operator access and functionality.

6g GX Laser.jpg
Process Flexibility
Advanced optics
Powerful Control System
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