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TEK4's laser machines are some of the best laser systems on the market, featuring many advanced and world leading technology. TEK4 offers 3 different size laser machines, 5g ST Laser, 5g XL Laser and 5g GX Laser. All of our laser systems are able to drill, cut and weld all in a single set up. Are laser machines have been designed and specifically developed for machining turbine components. Our laser machines configuration enables for larger then expected aero and IGT components to be machined in a single set up. TEK4's laser machines are able to percussion drill, trepan drill, cut, drill and weld all in a single set up, giving you more flexibility and time. 

TEK4 latest laser drilling machines provides exceptional performance, user-friendly approach, large capacity, world leading performance, simple beam alignment and many more world leading technologies. 

TEK4's latest generation of  laser machines and systems are designed for laser drilling, laser cutting and laser welding. They have many advanced technology key features included to give you exceptional performance. The 5th generation laser machines are all hand build in Leicester, UK, giving us quick delivery times and excellent customer service help. Our systems all have large capacity in a compact laser machine.

TEK4s 5th generation of LASER systems provides exceptional performance, rugged stability, and straightforward user-friendly approach. Each machine features a single beam delivery mirror for ease and stability of beam alignment.


All machines are fitted with a measuring touch probe for machine calibration and component location and compensation. All our machines are able to drill, cut and weld in one set-up, giving you great capabilities in a compact machine.


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5g ST Laser
  • Auto calibration

  • In-build probe system

  • Erowa chuck fixture location

  • Cassette optics

5g XL Laser

Key Features

  • Large capacity + compact machine

  • Pendant operator control

  • Class-leading performance 

  • Drills Cut and Weld in one set-up

5g GX Laser
  • User-friendly control

  • Simple beam alignment

  • Auto beam calibration

  • Auto machine axis calibration

TEK4's laser drilling machines ket features include optional Laser ablation head, auto calibration, large capacity, company machine, user-friendly control. Our laser drilling systems provide exceptional performance and rugged stability. 

Measuring System

The inbuilt measuring system gives huge flexibility, allowing parts to be simply fixtured and then letting the machine “find” the datum points.


This enables compensation to be made for part variation, ensuring components are loaded correctly before machining and so reducing scrap.

Process Flexibility

The TEK4 5g Laser systems are able to Percussion Drill, Trepan Drill, Cut, Drill and Weld all in one set-up, by switching processes using program parameters.


This enables several processes to be used within a single automatic cycle.

"The 5g GX Laser is class leading"

Laser Systems Key Features


• Auto calibration

• Inbuilt probe system

• Erowa chuck fixture location

• Cassette optics

• Large capacity + compact machine

• Pendant operator control

• Class-leading performance

• Drill, Cut, Weld in one set-up

• User-friendly control

• Simple beam alignment

• Auto-beam calibration

• Auto-machine axis calibration

• Camera repair technology

The 5g Laser systems are designed specifically for machining turbine components.


The machine configuration enables larger than expected components to be machined in a single set-up.

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