6g Multi-Hole EDM Machine

TEK4s Multi-Hole Drilling (MHD) EDM Machining Centre is for producing multiple cooling holes in turbine blades and vanes. The system has the capability to produce straight, shaped and slotted holes. The dielectric can either be traditional oil-based fluids or de-ionised water for rapid machining rates. The multi-mode PulseTechEDM generator allows optimised use of tungsten, graphite, brass and copper electrodes. 



The programmable generator allows for full parameter control during the EDM cycle and the ability to change process parameters with depth, thus optimising the process in all areas of the cut. A two-axis system allows for shaped holes to be produced using standard rod-type electrodes. The system is designed for volume production. Use of cassette type tooling enables rapid change-over between operations. The tank has a fill time of 8 seconds and a  drain time of 4 seconds minimizes non-cutting time on this production system.


MHD Key Features


• Break Through Detection

• Programmable Generator

• Process Data Logging printout

• Fan Shaped Holes

• Auto fast fill and auto drain

• Integrated compact construction

• High response DC servo

• Automated operation



• Z-axis 200mm

• Z2 axis 40mm drill stroke

• X-axis 5mm (Fan stroke)

• 32 Electrode channels

• 50 Amp output

• 500 Generator programs

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