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Capillary Drilling

Cap Drill 3.jpg

  Key features:

  • Stainless steel construction

  • 4 axis - 3 x linear axis and one rotary

  • Harmonic gearbox drive system on the Z axis to give precise low speed, speed control

  • All axis to be driven by high response brushless motors

  • Wiring on the machine to be kept to a minimum to improve reliability

  • A plastic welded work chamber with door and LED lighting

  • Sealed bellows with positive clean air pressure to prevent corrosion of the bearings and ball screws. 

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TEK4's Capillary system consists of a new designed stainless-steel constructed machine with sealed bellows and plastic welded work chamber. These systems are specifically developed for drilling small holes in hard, corrosion resistant metals.

TEK4's Capillary systems have 4 axis and can achieve hole diameters as small as 0.2mm/0.008”, with depth to diameter ratio of 40:1 and multiple holes can be drilled simultaneously on these systems.

The combined CNC control and power supply cabinet is constructed of stainless steel and is located outside the machining area.

The main operator controls use Telemecanique ZB4 push buttons with protective boots, the CNC keyboard is of plastic membrane type and colour LCD screen, the key board is of a sealed membrane type. 

All the process variables are fully controllable within the part programme with special software cycles. 

A key feature to the control is the SPAC (Slow Precision Axis Control) system this technology has been specifically developed for Capillary drilling and STEM drilling applications, the need for this technology arrises from the limitations that most CNCs have in maintaining accurate dynamic speed control with out slow down/ catch up cycle that often occurs as mechanical ageing occurs on the machine, this problem often is the a significant cause of comb breakage.


The technology applied by TEK4 enables precise slow speed control to be maintained even when the axis friction may vary.

Cap Drill.jpg
Cap Drill 3.jpg
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