Capillary System

Capillary drilling is an acid electrolytic drilling technique for drilling small holes in hard, corrosion resistant metals. Capillary Drilling is also referred to as Electro Streaming and is a form of ECM.

Hole diameters as small as 0.2mm/0.008” can be achieved, with depth to diameter ratio of 40:1 and multiple holes can be drilled simultaneously typically up to 100 holes.

The technology is rare and similar to electrical discharge machining (EDM) in that a high current is passed between an electrode and the part, through an electrolytic material removal process having a negatively charged electrode, a conductive fluid, and a conductive work piece.

There is little to no tool wear associated with this process and unlike EDM, however, no sparks are created. High metal removal rates are possible with Capillary Drilling, with no thermal or mechanical stresses being transferred to the part.

Components made using this technology include; Aerospace – Trailing edge cooling holes in turbine blades

  Automation features:

  • Robot loading of parts

  • Robot loading of fixtures

  • Robot loading of electrode cartridges

  • Automatic identification of parts

  • Automatic identification of fixtures

  • Automatic identification of electrodes

  • In-process control

  • Production reporting

The key benefits of TEK4’s Capillary Drilling System

• Increased OE (Operation Efficiency)           • Reduced labor costs           • Reduced downtime by operator error