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eSTEM Drilling

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A new generation STEM (Shaped Tube Electro-chemical Machining) system that overcomes the negative aspects of the process. This system is single unit machining centre enclosing the process and the acid system in a single unit. This means that the machine is easy to install and there are no acid leaks because all the tanks, pipework, filters, pumps and valves are enclosed within the machine.


The TEK4 eSTEM incorporates many new features including advanced process control and better acid control. The control system has advanced process monitoring and graphing capabilities enabling process fingerprinting and tighter control of process variables.


The TEK4 eSTEM machine is entirely constructed from stainless steel for easy maintenance and longevity. 

Key Features

  • 700mm Z Stroke 

  • 1500mm Daylight

  • 800x800mm Work Table

  • 1000 Amps

  • Process Monitoring

  • Integrated Acid System 

  • Process Finger Printing

  • Advanced Filtration

  • Stainless Steel Construction

  • Process Data Logging

  • Single Screen Control

  • 100 Process Programs

  • USB Interface

  • Great Access

eSTEM Part Photo.jpg
eSTEM System

• The large working area allows for simultaneous machining of multiple large components and stainless steel construction for a long life.

• TEK4's eSTEM in-machine acid plant eliminates acid leaks. Advanced filtration, programmable 

temperature and pressure control.

• Fully flexible Turbulated Hole capability for increased cooling efficiency. Special simplified subprogram for easy creation of Turbulated Holes.

• Unique purpose designed STEM control system, with advanced features including process monitoring and process fingerprinting.

• Front and rear sliding door for easy access. Swivel operator control panel for easy operation.

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