TEK4 customer requirements increasingly demand unmanned operation and increased machine autonomy. To fulfil these requirements, TEK4 developed automatic electrode and electrode guide changers as well as longer electrodes up to 900mm. 

TEK4 have integrated complete robot systems for the production of new parts and for the repair industry. 

Each automation system is tailored to meet your requirements, our team of experts will work with you to define the automation system that best meets your needs.

As a result, TEK4’s Automation package provides a rapid return on your capital investment.

  Automation features:

  • Robot loading of parts

  • Robot loading of fixtures

  • Robot loading of electrode cartridges

  • Automatic identification of parts

  • Automatic identification of fixtures

  • Automatic identification of electrodes

  • In-process control

  • Production reporting

The key benefits of TEK4’s automation systems

• Increased OE (Operation Efficiency)          • Reduced labour costs          • Reduced downtime by operator error

Step 1 - A part is loaded onto the conveyor system and waits for the robot

Step 2 - The robot loads part into the machine


Step 3 - The robot selects a full electrode  tool store to drill the part 

Step 4 - The robot loads the tool store into the machine, the machine is ready to begin drilling

Step 5 - When the part is finished, the robot will unload the part back on to the conveyor 

Step 6 - The finished part is returned to the loading station for inspection

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