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6g FHD Aero – Fast Hole Drill EDM Machine
Designed for small components

24 Electrode holder locations 

(For 700mm long electrodes) 

10 Guide holder locations

6 - Axis

Adaptive Feedrate Technology

6g Aero New Control Panal.png

6g FHD Aero


The 6g FHD Aero is specifically designed for aero components, engine blades, vanes and industrial gas turbine components. TEK4’s latest 6g platform FHD EDM Drill has market-leading performance and a compact footprint allowing ‘Paint to Paint’ placement of machines.


6g Key Features


• Outstanding EDM Performance

• Automatic guide and electrode changing

• Inbuilt CMM probe

• 6g easy to use operator interface

• Best in class metallurgy

• Laser Ablation - Drill After Coating (optional)

• Rapid Shaped Hole Drilling

• Advanced Break Through

6g FHD Aero.png
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