TEK4 is a world leader in drilling technology for cooling holes, as applied to Jet Engines and Gas Turbines for energy production. 

TEK4 is continuing to move it's Technology forward in 2020, we us developing our Robot Box system, enabling over 24 hours of unmanned machining, camera repair systems and laser ablation systems. TEK4 is working on even more new advanced technology which will be tested and available this year

TEK4 is a world leader is design, manufacture and technology on EDM hole drilling machines. With over 40 years of experience in this industry, TEK4 is able to offer the most advanced EDM hole drilling machines available for drilling straight, shaped cooling holes into aero and IGT blades, vanes and other components. TEK4 offers EDM hole drilling machines currently in 4 different sizes, Aero, ST, XLL, GXL so no matter the size of your component TEK4 has a edm hole drilling machine for it. EDM hole drilling is what TEK4 specialise in with a team of over 30, we will be able to get the best out of your project.

TEK4 is currently a world leader in fast hole drilling and high speed drilling EDM,  with customer around the  world TEK4 is leading the  way in EDM drilling technology, TEK4 recently beat out Winbro Group, Makino and Winbro Group Technologies in a study comparing the speed and drilling of quality of TEK4 6g FHD and HSD machine verse Winbro Group, Makino and Winbro Group Technologies, TEK4 machines were around 10-15% faster. TEK4 specialise in EDM machines and EDM hole drilling machines and with our brand new factory TEK4 is able to push our EDM machines into better technology and produce with our new research and development  aero. EDM drilling for the aerospace and industry gas turbine (IGT) industry. TEK4s EDM machines are all designed and manufactured in Blaby Leicestershire, UK. We have a brand new show room for customer visits and for doing trials for customers. TEK4 also manufacture Laser drilling and cutting machine plus STEM drilling holes. 

World Leaders


TEK4 specialises in fast hole drill (FHD) / high-speed drill (HSD) EDM hole drilling (Electrical Discharge Machining) machines for drilling straight and shaped cooling holes in aero and IGT blades, vanes, segments, and other components.


Combining fast hole drill EDM and Laser systems for fast hole drilling and ceramic coating ablation; LASER for drilling and cutting operations and ECM for STEM drilling deep cooling holes in Gas Turbine components. 

TEK4s laser drilling machines systems provides exceptional performance, rugged stability, and straightforward user-friendly approach. Each machine features a single beam delivery mirror for ease and stability of beam alignment. TEK4 edm drilling machines the latest generation of fast hole drill EDM machines, featuring many new technologies and systems, including a completely new control system, through-flushing tooling, and drill after coating (DAC) technology to name a few.  

Makino, Winbro, EXCETEK, Sodick, 

TEK4 specialises in HSD known as high speed EDM drilling machines. TEK4s HSD machines are available in 4 different sizes, for aero and IGT components. Our HSD machines are all able to have a laser ablation head retrofitted to all of our machines, for drill after coating. If you would like to know more about TEK4s HSD EDM machines, please visit the contact us page for more details.

TEK4's FHD EDM hole popper machines are available in 4 different size machines, giving great flexibility and options for hole drilling. The 6th generation of EDM hole popper machines features many world-leading improvements and latest technologies, which include optional drill after coating technology, 30% improvements in shaped hole drilling and next-generation breakthrough detection. EDM hole popper machines are designed and build for small hole drilling in, aero and IGT blades, vanes, segments, and other components.

TEK4 specialises in fast hole drill EDM hole popper, with some recent upgrades and improvements TEK4 EDM hole popper machines are some of the best small hole drilling machines available today. TEK4's hole pooper edm machine offer best in class metallurgy, advanced shaped hole drilling and in-built machine probing which offers complete procedure guaranteeing accuracy and repeatability in 3 simple steps. Set the machine, set the electrode and finally, set the part, this takes around 4 minutes to complete.  Fast hole drill/ high-speed drilling EDM hole popper machines are designed to drill cooling holes in too small, medium, large and very large, aerospace parts, blades, vanes, segments and other components including industrial gas turbines parts. 

In-House Design & Technology


All TEK4's machines are designed and manufactured in Leicester, UK. TEK4 can also offer customer in-house process development, turnkey solutions, and process application innovation.


TEK4's team of design, software, mechanical, electronic and application engineers gives us the ability to offer total in-house solutions. 

TEK4 edm hole drilling machines are some of the best machines available on today's market, with advanced drilling technology and breakthrough time saving benefits with these machines. 

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TEK4’s EDM drilling machine (Electrical discharge machining) are designed and built in Leicestershire, United Kingdom. EDM drilling is a manufacturing process where the desired hole, straight or shaped is obtained by using an electrical discharge between the part and the brass electrode. Our EDM systems are some of the most advanced EDM drilling machines available, with our newest 6thgeneration of edm systems producing world leading performance, best in class metallurgyand dynamicfeatures. Our high speed edm machines are designed and built to hole drilling in small, medium, large and very large aero and IGT blades, vanes, segments and other components. All of our EDM systems can have drill after coating technology (DAC), which uses a high-frequency fibre laser to remove the non-conductive coatings on components, this advanced technology enables cooling holes to be drilled into the part after the thermal barrier coating has been removed in the same edm system. This gives great flexible allowing both the laser ablation and edm system to be in one machine giving excellent levels of accuracy to be achieved between the 2 processes helping to keep the thermal barrier coating overcut to a minimum.  edm cooling holes is a process applied to jet engines and gas urbines, blades, vanes, segments and other components 

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edm drilling machines World leading in FHd / HSD hole drilling, EDM drilling machines, automation cells, EDM fast hole drilling, Laser ablation.

TEK4 fast hole drill edm and hole popper edm machines are the very best machines available, with the very best technology and advanced drilling features.  

What is EDM hole drilling? EDM means Electrical discharge machining, this process is what TEK4 specialise in and currently, have 4 different machine sizes offering this process. EDM drill service is for drilling small holes into turbine blades and turbine vanes. STEM drilling is another process we specialise in and this process is also used for drilling small holes and drill service into aero parts to create cooling holes.


TEK4's Brand New

Purpose Built Technical Centre

Now Open

TEK4, Whittle Place, Rose Way, Blaby, Leicestershire, LE8 4BY

TEK4 is a UK based company with over 200 installed machines in operation around the world. TEK4 has continued to grow it's EDM drilling, STEM drilling, and Laser drilling systems, with some amazing and breakthrough technology featured in these machines. 2019 is going to be another leap forward in out drilling technology for aerospace and gas turbine industries, with  purpose-built technical center opening in Spring, bringing us the capacity to deliver up to 10 machines per month, with areas specificity designed for the R&D department and for running trials and demonstrations, which gives TEK4's fully in-house team to continues to improve our FHD EDM systems, STEM systems, and Laser systems. Giving customers faster drilling times, best in class metallurgy and world-leading technology. Our latest generation of EDM machines, the 6g fast hole drill EDM machines come in 4 different sizes machine and can all be fitted with a DAC (drilling after coating) technology, the integration of the laser system in the same machine as the EDM process allows very high levels of accuracy to be achieved between the 2 processes keeping overcut of the thermal coating to a minimum. TEK4's 5th generation of Laser systems is able to offer many benefits which include the ability to drill, cut and weld in one set-up, giving you great capabilities in a compact machine. TEK4’s new generation of STEM machines overcome the negative aspects of the process. Integrated in-machine acid system to eliminate the problems of acid leaks, ensuring that any future leaks are in the machine structure. The system has advanced filtration, programmable temperature, and pressure control plus a fully flexible aturbulated hole capability for increased cooling efficiency. The 6g FHD EDM machine uses its inbuild CMM probe along with TEK4’s 3 steps to accuracy technology to accurately line-up the machine resulting in very accurate and repeatable drilled parts.TEK4 also manufactures multi-hole EDM machines that are capable of producing straight, shaped and slotted holes in a compact system. TEK4' High speed drilling EDM machines feature some of the leading technology available to EDM drilling, including improved shaped hole drilling with up to 30% increase in time and    A programmable Breakthrough Detection system is used to prevent electrode overrun, especially when breaking into small cavities.

• 5 Times larger than our existing facility 


• Capacity to deliver 10 machines per month


• Excellent transport links


• Allocated demonstration and trial area

• Temperature controlled inspection area


• Enhanced customer facilities


• New research and development facilities

• Located in Blaby, Leicestershire

TEK4s new facility is opening late summer 2019, the new address is TEK4 whittle place rose park Lutterworth road Blaby Leicestershire LE8 4BY.

Winbro, Winbrogroup, Makino, Fanuc, multi spark, edmprecision, We have specialised in EDM – Electro Discharge Machining, aerospace drilling technology. 

The 6g FHD machines are also available with an integrated laser ablation unit enabling drill after coating to be achieved in a single system. This process uses a 100w high-frequency fibre Laser to remove non-conductive coatings on aero and turbine blades and vanes. Drill after coating (DAC) allows parts with non-conductive coating to be removed using our Laser process and then enable the EDM process to drill cooling holes into the part enabling significant benefits to the production process to be achieved. TEK4 is a world leader in drilling technology for cooling holes, as applied to Jet Engines and Gas Turbines for energy production. TEK4 specialises in Fast hole and multi-hole electro-discharge machining (EDM) as well as laser drilling and STEM drilling technology enabling a wide range of parts and features to be drilled on aero and IGT blades, vanes, segments, and other components.

TEK4's machines are always available for demonstration and customer specific trials