TEK4 is a world leader in the drilling technology for cooling holes as applied to Jet Engines and Gas Turbines for energy production.

Established in 2002 the company is doubling it’s premises in 2016 in Leicester to accommodate a new showroom / research centre and increased production capability to satisfy international demand.

TEK4 specialises in EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) for fast hole drilling, combined EDM and Laser machines for hole drilling and ceramic coating ablation, LASER for drilling and cutting operations and ECM for STEM drilling deep cooling holes in Gas Turbine components.

All TEK4’s machines are designed and manufactured in Leicester UK. TEK4 is

able to offer customers in house process development, turnkey solutions and process application innovation. TEK4’s in house team of design, software, mechanical, electronic and application engineers give us the ability to offer total in house solutions.

TEK4 products include;

    MHD EDM Multi Hole Drilling

    • FHD EDM Fast Hole Drilling

    • LASER Drilling Systems

    • STEM drilling ECM

    • Turnkey solutions

    • Technical consultancy


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